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Digital Signing systems

All of us realize the Green Revolution, which is mentioned everywhere. Technological developments cause public outlook changes, and what in the past seemed impossible can easily be done today.
The quantity of paper that we produce/receive daily is excessive, the effort and occupation surrounding paper is a burden and very expensive to all sectors.
Legislation of the Electronic Signature Law, 5761-2001 allows us to send and receive most of the current documents that we are familiar with directly to electronic mailboxes, and instead of filing them in folders and storing them in boxes, they can be digitally signed and stored in a digital archive, and thus save endless time, money and resources.
In accordance with streamlining the organizations and institutions, and according to the public’s needs, Comda, in cooperation with its subsidiary ComSign – the certificate authority (CA), has developed the ComsignTrust system. This system is built on the basis of the PKI infrastructure, is designated to electronically sending files signed by authorized electronic signature, as well as signing an organization’s existing files and storing them in secure electronic archives.
ComsignTrust exclusive added value, which differentiates it from other similar systems in the market, is the quality of its components which fully comply with the Electronic Signature Law and the legal demands for the signing methods which are required for the authorized signature (received legal admissibility), which are supplied to a system by ComSign – the CA. Its uniqueness is that the document signed by an authorized electronic signature is guaranteed as secure and cannot be forged, and accordingly, it is accepted as a legal original document.
Many enterprises have adopted the Comsign Trust solution, applying it and streamline themselves, both financially and image-wise. For example, the cellular phone companies offer their customers the option to receive their monthly invoices by email instead of regular mail.

E-Sealing Advantages:

  • Convenience in sending and receiving signed documents.
  • Paper use reduction.
  • Absolute protection of the document’s accuracy (cannot be changed after signature).
  • Absolute signatory authentication, without the possibility of forgery.
  • Quick document delivery.
  • Significant financial saving.
  • The solution contains an advanced protection server, which allows central file signing and sending them to external entities as email messages or HTTP pages.
  • This system provides a perfect solution and is tailored according to the customer’s needs.
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