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Comsign Profile

ComSign was established in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Comda, a company specializing in tailoring, developing and assimilating information protection products and solutions for 25 years. Since its establishment, ComSign has acquired hundreds of entities and thousands of clients who use electronic signatures daily.

In addition, ComSign also specializes in other solutions:

  • Integrating electronic sealing systems in organizations, which can sign on large quantities of documents at high speed (extremely cost-effective for organizations sending many invoices to the public).
  • Assimilating and selling SSL certificates (a lock symbol at the top of the web browser) which constitute safe electronic authentication of a website (like website certificates from Verisign, Thwart or Geotrust).
  • Signing a code for PKI systems in organizations, which allows using digital signatures in an enormous range of internet and extranet applications at minimal cost.

ComSign has been approved by the Justice Ministry as a certificate authority (CA) to issue electronic signatures, and within a short time has become the leading company in this field.

What differentiates ComSign from similar companies in the market is expressed in the following aspects:

  • ComSign is today the leading entity authorized to approve and distribute authorized electronic certificates (by the Justice Ministry).
  • Users receiving the signature on smart cards can sign a wide range of documents in various formats, such as: Html, Tiff, Xml, Pdf and Office.
  • ComSign has been approved by Microsoft as an international Trusted Root, so all documents signed with electronic signatures issued by Comsign will be recognized on all computers based on Microsoft operating systems worldwide.
  • ComSign is VeriSign’s representative in Israel for issuing SSL certificates. VeriSign is the world’s largest enterprise in the digital certificate and PKI systems field. Hundreds of thousand of websites and millions of internet users have made VeriSign the world standard in protection, web trust and applying digital signature solutions.

By virtue of its business, ComSign issues authorized electronic signatures to managers, public and private company representatives, judges and court administration staff, lawyers, assessors, customs brokers, security officers and non-profit organization managers.