Qualified digital signature

ComSign is the leading Israeli company authorized to issue legally binding digital signature approved by the law and by the Justice Ministry

ComSign’s objective is to stop the foot-dragging bureaucracy and sending the public to the government, banking and other institutions and entities in order to have documents signed, and in fact to grant every home in Israel a computerized signature on documents in their computer. This digital signature is, of course, equal in acceptability to (and even better than) that of the person’s handwritten signature and is legally admissible as if the document was hand signed on paper.

From now on, anybody who is authorized to sign (on behalf of a corporation or for themselves) can receive a smart card with an electronic signature assimilated on it. These cards contain a unique personal code (private) that the clients determine themselves, which can be positively identified by almost any computer worldwide.

This way, people can submit documents to authorities and banks via their digital signature and also sent registered letters from any computer they want (safer and more cost-effective).

ComSign provides a number of methods:

A personal electronic signature or a digital signature for an authorized signatory in a corporation (like a signature and stamp).
A complete electronic sealing system which signs large quantities of documents at high speed (extremely cost-effective for organizations sending many invoices to the public).
SSLs for websites (such as VeriSign’s web certificates).

In 2003, ComSign was appointed by the Justice Ministry as a certificate authority (CA) in Israel in accordance with the Electronic Signature Law 5761-2001, and today, it is the only entity issuing legal authorized electronic signatures according to the law to executives of public companies. ComSign has issued electronic signatures to thousands of business people all around Israel.

ComSign is recognized by the global company, VeriSign, as a certificate authority and as part of the VTN, i.e. a worldwide network of authorizing entities based on VeriSign’s technology.

ComSign is also known as an approved authority with global knowledge of all the latest Microsoft operating systems, and thus it is possible to send a signed document to any friend, acquaintance or businessperson throughout the globe using a signature issued by ComSign which will be recognized as an electronic (digital) signature by the document receiver on any computer based on a Microsoft operating system.

In order to fulfill everything mentioned above, ComSign has invested millions of dollars in a ramified computer network and a complex, secure physical network through which the seal of the company and the intermediate keys of every institutional client are stored.

We would like to emphasize that the company does not store its clients’ digital signatures. In addition, it has no connection and possibility whatsoever to know the contents of the signed documents.

Its entire task is to issue signatures to those requesting them and to identify the signatory for people receiving the signature in accordance with the law.

In addition, to this end, the company employs people who have been meticulously screened for their trustworthiness, and they and the entire company are supervised on an ongoing basis, also by Israel Standards Institute and Justice Ministry inspectors, and an accounting firm’s auditors.

The result is that slowly but surely the public, as well as corporations, are becoming accustomed to allowing the public to sign documents without the need to physically go there and stand in queues and also to receive documents via computer instead of piles of paper by regular mail.

Our vision is that in another few years, together with the effort to improve the environment, ­receiving and sending paper documents in Israel, and also the entire world, will become an outdated phenomenon and not economically feasible.